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Apr 20 2018

Mini-beast Hunt in Room 6

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This week in Room 6 we have been learning about mini-beasts and their habitats. Once the sun came out, we went on a mini-beast hunt around the school. The boys and girls found lots of mini-beasts such as worms, spiders, beetles, ladybirds, butterflies, slugs and much more. Check out our photos.


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Mar 13 2018

Super Reading in Second Class!

Second Class have been working very hard at their English so far this term! The boys and girls who come to SET5 have been enjoying reading books from not only our big library but from our mini library too. They have been reading books such as Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, Hansel and Gretel and so many more! They can’t wait to put their narrative skills to practice soon and write their own mini stories for everyone to enjoy! Watch this space…


A very big well done to Nadejda who turned into a bookworm this term and completed her reading challenge just in time for Book Week. She tried really hard both at home and in her classroom and Ms Coughlan and I are so proud of her for reading twenty books! Keep up the wonderful reading Nadejda!

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Feb 23 2018

Maths Stations in November

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During Maths stations in second class we were learning all about symmetry! We made some beautiful symmetrical objects using some 2D shapes. Have a look at some of the work we did below!




We also worked with money and we put coins into our piggy banks!


In 1st class we spent some time measuring a lot of items around our classrooms! We used links to measure our books, tables, chairs and copies.

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Feb 17 2018

An update from Room 7

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This term the boys and girls in Second Class are doing Dance classes with our dance instructor Jill. Here are some pictures of us dancing to “Move Your Feet” from the Trolls soundtrack. Well done Room 7!


This month- we have been learning about Birds in the local area. We learned some fun facts about robins, crows, blackbirds, pigeons, wrens, chaffinches and we looked at some superstitions people believe about magpies. For Art, we decided to make our own birds- but we decided to make some of the most colourful birds in the World including rainbow lorikeets, macaw parrots, pink grosbeaks and golden pheasants. Here are some pictures of us matching feather colours to create pictures of these feathery friends.



We are also lucky to have GAA classes in the hall with Declan. This month the boys and girls have been practising protecting the ball by passing it before another player can get the ball from you. Everyone is trying very hard.


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Nov 15 2017

Maths Week.

Ms Coughlan’s 2nd class had a great time showing the Junior Infants from Room 2 and Room 5 how to work at the Maths tables for Maths Week!! They worked with links to make beautiful patterns, the 2D shapes to create tangrams, the 3D shapes to make constructions and on lots more activities! We also went on Maths trails around the school and had lots of fun seeing all the maths in our environment.

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