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Feb 14 2018

Happy Valentine’s Day from Room 12

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Room 12 wish everybody a very happy Valentine’s Day!

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Jan 26 2018

Save Our Oceans!

Our Green-Schools Committee have been reminding their classes to recycle, reduce waste and save energy and water in our classrooms.

This week we have been learning about why we need to keep our rivers, lakes and oceans clean and life under water safe.

We had a Green-Schools Committee meeting with our Junior and Senior Infant Green-Schools reps about the animals that live under water and what we can do to keep them safe and keep our waste out of their water.


We can all help by recycling everything we can, reducing our waste and making sure we never throw litter or put anything into our toilets and sinks that shouldn’t go there. If we do these things we can help to save our rivers, lakes and oceans from rubbish, keep our aquatic animals safe and our water clean.

If we all try we can make a difference!


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Nov 13 2017

Science Week in Room 1 and Room 12!!

Last week, Room 1 and Room 12 were very busy doing lots of Science activities. Room 12 learned about static electricity and Room 1 learned about floating and sinking. On Friday, Room 1 went to Room 12 and we shared what we had learned with each other. Room 12 showed Room 1 an experiment on static electricity and Room 1 showed Room 12 an experiment on floating and sinking. We had so much fun!! Take a look at our photos!!

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Nov 08 2017

Room 13 Visit from vet

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Room 13 enjoyed a visit from a local vet yesterday. Room 5 kindly invited us into their classroom to meet the vet and her dog Benny. We learnt how to take care of animals, the very important job that the vet does and we also got to rub the lovely Benny. We really enjoyed this visit!

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Nov 07 2017

Room 12 love Science Week!

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Room 12 have been really enjoying science week. Today Room 4, Junior Infants, invited us to their classroom because they had two special visitors. Róisín, a local vet, and her helper, Benni the dog, came to talk to the boys and girls. We learnt all about how vets care for animals. We all got to pet Benni too. He is adorable! Take a look at our pictures below!

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